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This lecture relates inner peace to the effort we make to honor our commitments in every area of personal and moral responsibility. 

Meditation, Time, Lecture. Five inner piece. As we all know, our human experience is made of perceptions versus the objects of these perceptions, which refer to our inward or outward reality as distinct from our consciousness. It is a product of interaction and interpretation that is specifically human. Ergo, an evil is only so in relation to our nature, and to the degree that it frustrates our desire to live and help others live happily, it reveals our purpose. Furthermore, in our fight against this evil, the battle field is our mind, and the peace we seek is always within. How we achieve this piece is a matter of strategic thinking. If what frustrates our purpose proves invincible...

...after numerous efforts to the contrary, there comes a time when raising the white flag is the only reasonable option. This is a personal judgment call, where we concede defeat in good conscience because we believe in our heart of hearts that fighting on would be both painful and pointless. We can accept this defeat all the more serenely as we learn to think constructively, bearing in mind our adaptability, that is, our ability to adjust our purpose in a resourceful and meaningful way. While we surrendered on one front, we can win on another, and life goes on, as they say, until the fateful day of our death in battle. But if what frustrates our purpose can be overcome, the only thing that may keep us from fulfilling this purposes ourselves, as we are sometimes guilty of laziness or cowardice in the throes of difficulties. These evils lurk... parasites deep inside our character and undermine its strength. They can frustrate our desire to live and help others live happily. Even more gravely than the worst misfortune, nothing is more excruciating than misery compounded by shame when we fail miserably for lack of trying. We must leverage our conscience to go the warrior within and fight the good fight to avoid this hell. Should we choose to indulge the weaknesses of our character because it is easier and safer than engaging in a difficult struggle, we would increasingly feel so unassured that we would grow chronically lethargic, with only the prospect of regret to haunt our fallow soul. What is worse, we might lapse into cynicism, which is a crafty way of sparing our conscience by denying the value of worthy goals to excuse our passivity. Such... the last refuge of the recreant warrior, where he wastes away contemptibly until his final rest. True inner piece is a function of courage in the line of duty. Broadly understood, is the areas of personal and moral responsibility that make up our existence. Indeed, we owe it to ourselves, our fellow humans and, ultimately, the source of life itself, to meet the challenge of living fully, happily and respectively.

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