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This lecture stresses the fact that our consciousness is a malleable interface between the world and our emotional self. Within that interface, our attitude is a software of sorts that runs on our cerebral hardware and determines how we feel about things. The key is to write this software in such a way that the focus is placed on the positive side of things, while the negative side is acknowledged, but not overemphasized.

Meditation Time, Lecture Twelve, the art of living. As we look back at the succession of events we have experienced and memorized. The way we view our life depends on how we process it. The processing is done by a manner of program of our own design, although we often fail to acknowledge our responsibility as the programmer. What is this program it is none other than our attitude, based on our philosophy of life, which determines our outlook on things. The processor, on the other hand, is our very mind, where the program performs a set of instructions that transform our immediate sensory experiences into subjective value judgments. How we feel about reality as a reflection of how positive or...

...negative our attitude happens to be. More precisely, even though we all start with a sphere of influence proportional to the effect of our mental and physical presence on the world, we cannot, in the end, control the way things work, nor the way people think and act, but we can control our attitude toward them to attain maximum peace and happiness. At best, our life becomes an uplifting story that testifies to our resourcefulness and mindfulness in the art of turning on favorable situations to good account, as well as savoring the advantages of good fortune. When devising our attitude, there are some important elements that must be considered and which will shape the way we process reality. These important elements can be divided into two main categories. One, the things we strive to...

...acquire or achieve to improve our situation and feel energetic, successful and contented, and too, the things we cultivate within that promote our dignity and serenity no matter what. First on the list of worthy objectives that deserve our best efforts, as health. It is the ground upon which every other worthy objective, like success in a chosen career, relationship, sport or hobby, is built. In tandem with these objectives are valuable lessons that represent a wise approach to the many challenges of life. Beware of the allusion that you shall be happy once this or that is acquired or achieved. You live in the present that is always changing, whereas the past and the future are a present that is gone or one that is coming. They add up to nothing but a memory or a dream. If you are not happy now, you risk being forever...

...unhappy, because it is now, or possibly never that you will learn to find happiness in the present. So enjoy the journey as you pride yourself on the victory of every forward step, but also on the wisdom gained in every fault toward a steady gait. View whatever destination you set as a short pause, where you sit less than set yet another destination, and so on and so forth until death, which is the only true and lasting rest. Do Not Indulge your negativity bias that arises from your innate over sensitivity to trouble and danger. Make a concentrated effort to look past the negative, while keeping it in sight with a realistic and constructive stance. Embrace the positive to foster your attachment to life and bolster your commitment to everything and everyone you love. Promptly question any dreary narrative that tars your entire existence with the same brush. A...

...situation rarely warrants our tendency to dramatize, as though it was all gloom and doom. Do not allow the bad to keep you down. Always strive to bounce back by focusing on the good and the possibilities therein the wind of change. Is only contrary relative to the adverse angle of your mindset comprible to assaiale. Adjust this mindset appropriately, and it will propel you toward new horizons that are both intimidating and promising. In other words, when facing a situation that dashes your hopes of enjoying the things you love, choose to switch your perspective from obstacle to opportunity. Start imagining what potential for happiness this situation still holds and how you can actualize this potential thanks to some favorable adaptation. Recognize the absurdity of fantasizing about a perfect life that is free from struggle and suffering.

Such perfection actually amounts to boredom and death. Life is, by definition, of perpetual tension between the state of want and that of satisfaction in a world that contains an infinite number of difficulties, and the result of this twofold condition is the necessity for exertion and the possibility of frustration. Eliminate all that, and you also eliminate everything that is exciting and gratifying in life. Worse still, you eliminate life itself. Take Love, not fear, as the driving force behind your decisions. Love vitalizes, whereas fear paralyzes and there can only be regret and sadness and prolonged idleness. Choose wise. Lee The objects of your commitment according to your affinities and abilities, and give your best in whatever... do. Be Equally Resolute and prudent and always be ready to break the frown of your serious mindedness with humor and laughter. To avoid the foolery of self importance. Experience Dignity and serenity by being consistent with your principles through noble choices and valuant efforts. Do the right thing and take credit for it, while acknowledging your debt of gratitude toward the creative and nurturing force at the heart of everything you included. This force gave you life and the means to live it. When you are unhappy, do not blame others to spare your pride and avoid undertaking the necessary efforts to remedy the situation. Instead, empower yourself to overcome your unhappiness by accepting responsibility. Be Mindful of the bright side of people and things. Be Thankful it brightens your days and be happier for it.

By adopting a positive attitude, we ensure that we process our experience constructively in order to be joyful. And isn't that our natural aspiration, to fill our heart with joy? But again, that requires a wholesome art of living that can be summed up in one word wisdom.

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