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This lecture shows the path to an authentic and fulfilling life through our awareness and embodiment of the creative and nurturing force at the heart of everything, including us, Our attitude and behavior then become a testament to our enduring adaptability and expanded love.

Meditation, Time, Lecture, twenty three the spectrum of life and love. The highest level of awareness is our communion with the creative and nurturing force at the heart of creation and, ipso facto, at the heart of humans, personal incarnations of this force in time and space. We are one with and yet distinct from, the transpersonal, timeless and ubiquitous force itself, which is concurrently nowhere as a transcendent, immutable and unmanifested potential and everywhere as a worldly, evolutionary and manifested potential. Evolution comprises a threefold dimension of time in the form of past, what is no longer extant, present, what is extant, and future, what is not yet extant. Put differently, it implies...

...a forever changing present with a perpetual alternation of potentiality and actuality. The highest level of realization is our embodiment of the creative and nurturing force at the heart of creation, and it is both enabled and restricted by our incarnate human nature, which doesn't share the universal and eternal scope of this force. Of course, we can transcend our human, local and mortal condition through identification with our divine, universal and Eternal Foundation, but in the event that we take this identification to an extreme of asceticism. It would entail a renunciation of our human condition, and that would undoubtedly be premature, as we are called to actualize the potential specific to this condition in the most authentic and fulfilling way until we are clearly spent and about to draw our last breath. Let us explore the...

...creative aspect of the force at the heart of creation and ipso facto at the heart of humans. The process of creation gravitates toward predetermined attractors along two main evolutionary lines, in Earth things and living beings. In Earth things reach their maximum resistance in the form of hard solids that can withstand external forces, mechanical, thermal or other, while maintaining the stability and integrity of their inert structure in the form of gases or watery liquids. Inert things are most precarious, and these external forces subject them to disturbances that may be regarded as transitional toward entropy. The latter can only be attained when all thermodynamic differences between these things and their surroundings have leveled off. As for living beings, they stand everything...

...on its head. The formally unstabilizing effect of external forces on fluid physical systems is converted into an agent of stabilization that allows living beings to maintain the integrity of their dynamic structure through constant regeneration. It is as though life was originally a state of disturbance that had fully embraced its and again tropic nature, far from entropy, into a sort of dissipative system that takes energy in its environment as a means of sustenance. In brief, life is the biological art of turning a bad situation to good account, and it seems appropriate for us to mimic this remarkable trait of our constitution in our attitude and behavior, by remaining positive and adaptable in all circumstances, while entertaining a realistic outlook that portrays things as they are, are always liable to change. Let us now explore the...

...nurturing aspect of the force at the heart of creation, especially as regards living beings. To equate ourselves intimately with this aspect, we ought to look deep into the gift of life, which includes the capacity to endure and overcome hardships and even thrive, albeit within limits that imply the risk of baleful outcomes. This gift is, above all, a divine bounty that evokes an act of motherly love. Clearly, this is a metaphorical representation. It is nonetheless profoundly insightful and meaningful. In the end, there is nothing more authentic and fulfilling then, firstly, to develop a positive and adaptable temperament and, secondly, to dedicate our life to the labor of love, beginning with self love and expanding it, through a sense of social and environmental belonging and through mystical identification...

...with our higher self, to the love of everyone and everything, inasmuch as we can conciliate this expanded kindness with the one we owe to ourselves. We are, after all, the vital starting point of this inward journey.

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